Wet Brain No More? –

Feb. 10, 2018 – Excessive alcohol use can cause severe effects on the brain, leading to impaired cognition and thiamine deficiency. But in a study of five-week-old mice, researchers have uncovered a new drug that could treat the damaging effects of heavy alcohol consumption. Tandospirone, a drug with anxiolytic and antidepressant properties, may help reverse neurogenic deficits caused by chronic alcohol consumption, according to a study in Scientific Reports. In the study, conducted by researchers at the Queensland University of Technology, male mice were administered tandospirone, dissolved in 2 percent of dimethyl sulfoxide and saline, at a dose of 3 mg a day for a two week period. “Mice were given access to one bottle of 20% (v/v) alcohol for a 2 h period (12 pm to 2 pm), 3 h into the dark cycle, Monday to Friday. The alcohol solution was presented in 50 ml plastic falcon tubes fitted with rubber stoppers and a 6.35 cm stainless-steel sipper tube with double ball bearings,” the study reads.
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