Feb. 26, 2021 –  Gabriella Augello is an open book when it comes to her struggle with substance abuse.

When she graduated high school, she suffered a family loss that would change the course of her life.  “I didn’t have proper coping skills to deal with that. This was the first time I had experienced depression that was this severe so I turned to alcohol,” said Augello. Augello says a large part of her mission is making sure people don’t feel like they’re the only one going through.

“It really is more people than you think. And so if we all come together and normalize it and say, ‘hey, I struggle with this, this doesn’t define me,’ I think we can change the narrative of what young people are supposed to be doing,” Augello said.

Gabri hopes that she, and her emotional support dog, Thor, can extend their reach, eventually starting a non-profit. But for now, she says if her channel even reaches one person, she’ll be proud of its impact.

Gabri’s channel,  “Gen Z’s Declassified Sobriety Survival Guide” is dedicated to debunking myths, increasing awareness, and sharing “mocktail” recipes!  “Mental health and substance abuse know no age, race, class, gender. It does not matter.” she said.  



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