Panoramic Putz –  

August 13, 2020 – On his Instagram Story, he filmed himself atop the structure.

“Hey, everybody. So I’ve been up on this billboard, duct-taped, for an hour and a half now,” he said. “Starting to get kind of sore. There are some cops over there, but they say they’re not sure I’m committing any crimes. I don’t think so — I paid for the billboard, man. And I assured everybody this has been professionally rigged, it’s safe, so hopefully nobody gets too upset and hopefully the whole world gets the message about what I’m up here promoting.”

“We’ll see how long I stay up here,” he added. “If they let me, I’m thinking it could be a while!”

Despite his wishes, 21 responders with the Los Angeles Fire Department were dispatched to the scene to safely get him down. A spokesperson for the LAFD told PEOPLE that at around 9:35 a.m., a passerby who spotted the billboard walked over to a neighboring fire station to inform them of the stunt.



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