Just Like Life –

March 2, 2020 – While her friends are supportive of her sober lifestyle, she finds it comes up a lot in one particular area of her personal life. “It’s kind of difficult being single and dating,” she said.

Meeting for a drink is kind of a default first date, she said, and while she’s perfectly comfortable meeting at a bar and ordering a non-alcoholic beverage, she’s found that her dates sometimes get hung up on her choice.

“Some people are like, ‘Oh, OK, you don’t drink,’ and other people are like ‘I could never do that,’” Foos said. “Other people like to ask a lot of questions.”

It can be a little awkward to go that deep into personal choices when you’re first trying to get to know someone, she said. But she also recognizes that her sobriety is going to be a factor in her relationships from now on.

“If you choose not to drink the rest of your life — that’s a long time,” Foos said. “Whoever I decide to date is going to know me only as being sober.”


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