March 25, 2021 – Shane Ericksen, who owns Men’s Tribal House, says medical cannabis maintenance has proven to be a harm reduction tool to treat things like chronic pain and PTSD. A doctor assess every new resident to see if they need a cannabis treatment plan. Roughly half of the 27-bed home use it and must get their medicine from a medical cannabis pharmacy. Ericksen says it calms the body and mind, and prevents relapse — especially when hard times come up.

“They’re not going to run down the block and get heroin,” Ericksen said.

He says he is not naive to the fact that they support the use of a mind-altering substance at a sober home.

“At the beginning, I was kind of a pariah in the addiction recovery industry here in Utah. ‘Why are you giving cannabis to drug addicts?’” Ericksen reflected. “They didn’t understand, and they were fearful of it.”



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