April 22, 2021 – Oh, and the pandemic. She almost did not have time for it, she says. She’s not being cavalier or reckless, Ross says. “I have literally just been so busy,” she said. “It’s scary,” Ross said of working directly with clients during the coronavirus pandemic. She was diagnosed with Lupus 20 years ago, an autoimmune disease that puts her at high risk, but while addiction and recovery would not take break during the coronavirus, neither would Ross.

She masked up and went to wherever clients needed her — bedsides, police stations — for interventions and other work. (She had to quarantine twice, but never caught the virus and currently has the first shot of the vaccine.)

Ross presses on because she has so much to give back, she said.

“I took for so many years,” Ross said. “And when you take for so many years from your community, and from my family – I can’t, I can’t stop doing this work.”

“For me, this is a God-given passion, this is what I’m meant to do. This is my purpose,” Ross said.



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