WATCH – She’s Curious and Sober – 

Bryson started drinking at age 16 and was a self-professed party girl in her 20’s. Old scrapbooks contain memories of nights she’d rather forget.

Sep. 14, 2020 – “I just surrounded everything with beautiful cocktail stickers and pretty paper and tried to glamorize it and make it look good, but it really wasn’t,” Bryson said. “It may have been how the night would start but it was never how the night would end.”

She’s now been sober for more than a decade and while it isn’t always easy, she is certain of one thing: the party doesn’t have to stop just because the alcohol does.

“I got sober so I could live a great life, and I have figured out a way to do that and now I just want to share those tips with others,” she said.

She launched The Sober Curator – a first-of-its-kind website showcasing things to do, drink, see and experience for those living a dry lifestyle.



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