Everything is Possible –

Sep. 15, 2020 – “At first, I thought, ‘I got this,’” says Hilliard. “Shortly after, I realized what I actually signed up for — a lifelong road of healing, patience, gentleness and acceptance.”

As one of the creators of Empath, a pop-up sober bar, one of Hilliard’s self-care routines was as social as it was personal.

As reported in NEXTPittsurgh, since its first gathering in April 2018, Empath has hosted dance nights, happy hours, yoga and sound bath events. Hilliard had noted the social challenges facing people in recovery and the many connections Empath was able to build in the community. Her hope? That Empath was helping to revolutionize Pittsburgh’s social scene. Invigorated by music and dancing or a wellness event followed by healthy mixed drinks, people at Empath events bond, laugh and develop new relationships, she says.

“When I began my recovery, I immersed myself in physical self-care — like taking long baths, going for nature walks, meditation, yoga, dancing, etc. All these activities are a form of self-care and so beautiful, but I was doing to bring my life into balance. I wasn’t living my life how I wanted and being truthful with myself,” says Hilliard.


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