Christmas on the ‘natch! –

December 21, 2018 –

1. Put your sobriety first. Don’t stop going to meetings because a family event is the same night. Instead, double up on meetings. Schedule exercise, meditation and meetings first — social plans and family gatherings second. Believe me, family and friends understand. They want you to stay sober.

2. Be realistic and don’t think too far ahead. Those in recovery know: Take it a day at a time, one minute at a time, or one event at a time. Yes, you are invited to a lot of events — but no one is asking you to party all night long. It’s just a few hours spread across this whole month. It is important to remember that if you feel uncomfortable attending an event, it’s OK to bow out.

3. Stay connected to those in recovery. Have a go-to list of people you can reach at any time. Inviting sober friends to attend events with you. Or, texting them during social functions helps you bring strong recovery support with you to every party, while you still enjoy the event.

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