No Country for Old Men –

June 5, 2020 – Dial-A-Ride offers door-to-door transportation, but demand has increased so much that reservations must be made seven days in advance. Lack of transportation leads to additional challenges when refills are restricted to short time periods. Unfair Burden For Seniors Under Federal Law, “Schedule II Prescriptions Must Be Presented To The Pharmacy In Written Form And Signed By The Prescriber.” For Mail Order Pharmacies, The Prescription Must Be Mailed, Causing The Patient To Wait Days For Pain Relief. In Dr. Anne Bukacek’s Experience, Seniors Like Robert Tend To Conserve Pain Meds Until Really Needed, Saving Them For Sleep Or To Prepare For Pain-Triggering Activities Like Physical Therapy. Additionally, Many Are On Fixed Incomes And Try To Stretch Prescriptions To Last, Because They Can’t Afford Regular Refills.



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