With A Little Help From Their Friends –

NOVEMBER 21, 2019 – Standing near his own self portrait, senior Keno Page reflected on what he included in his artwork. “My name [is] Keno, but like, a lot of people call me Ken and I play football for John Adams High School,” Page said. “I just put everything in the portrait that basically is me.”

Page also participated in recording a song for his peers for the showcase, the lyrics of which were compiled from students’ writing. He said he hoped it inspired his peers and helped them feel less stressed.  If I see any friends that I know, I kinda like pull them to the side and I talk to them,” Page said. “For me, if I’m feeling down, I do something that’ll make me feel better. Like I’m an athlete, so I’ll go to the gym and I’ll do anything. So I try to get them like reasons to go do something so they can feel a little better about themselves, because I feel like if you [are] doing something productive then it’s like, that’s going to take your mind off what you got going on [that’s] personal.”

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