Sept. 2, 2021 – With respect to psychedelics, the group’s one-page summary said that “municipalities, in the state of Washington and elsewhere, that have an independent ordinance criminalizing psychedelics should repeal them, and those that don’t should direct their law enforcement agencies, local prosecutors and municipal courts to deprioritize enforcement and should publicly communicate this as municipal policy.”

State and federal officials, too, “should move to decriminalize these substances and broaden access to psychedelic therapy,” the task force recommended.  “This would safeguard psychedelic treatment as a potential treatment avenue.”

The OEIR task force said there’s ample evidence that access to psychedelic therapy could help address the ongoing opioid-involved overdose crisis. “For example, psychedelic compounds have recently regained a reputation as an emerging therapy with effectiveness for substance use disorder,” it said, “and comorbid psychiatric disorders such as major depressive disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder. However, the full benefits cannot be recognized within the current prohibition based system that we have.”


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