WATCH – No Escaping –

Oct. 2, 2020 – “Running is a big part of my sobriety tool kit. I use it when I’m having a hard day or I feel triggered,” said Rosales.

For about ten years, Rosales said she suffered with addiction to alcohol, she’s almost two years sober. The runner said it wasn’t easy to run her first couple of races but said the medals she won at the end of her races were tangible proof of what she’s overcome.

“To me it illustrates simply taking action. No pun intended put a step at a time and so looking back at her running journey a year and a half ago, she probably wouldn’t believe she’d be this marathon runner running upwards of 50 miles a week,” said running friend Marcos Avila.

Rosales said she’s sharing her story in hopes of helping some in her community.

“I just hope that Latinos take away that it’s ok to talk about having alcohol issues addiction issues,” said Rosales.



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