And the young shall lead them… –

AUGUST 31, 2020 – As Rumer explains now, she’s learned that it was never in her power to fix her mom. And she credits communities like Al-Anon, a recovery space for friends and family of alcoholics, with helping give her the support she needed to move on.

These days, Rumer and Demi (and Scout and Tallulah and Bruce) are all on the sober train, and find great strength in each other. In fact, Rumer says it was mom Demi in part who inspired her to get sober herself: “I was the last one [in my family] to get sober,” she admits. “And so also at that point I was like, ‘man, I can’t be the only one left here. This sucks.’” Three years sober and counting, Rumer is far from alone. And each time she shares her journey like this, she helps viewers everywhere feel less alone too.


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