It works if you’re working – 

June 4, 2020 – The unemployment rate is one of the indicators defined by the County of San Diego’s Live Well initiative that determine how well San Diego County residents can live healthy lives. According to the San Diego Association of Governments, unemployment in the San Diego region reached an all-time high of 26.8% between April 18 and April 25, beating the 24.9% rate recorded in the United States at the peak of the Great Depression in 1933. With the easing of restrictions on businesses starting May 8, however, SANDAG predicts that unemployment may begin to fall.

Lev said drug overdoses are expected to increase because of the uncertain economic situation created by business closures and unemployment.

“There is a connection to the economic downturn as well as the availability of drugs and alcohol,” Lev said. “I have seen people who were in recovery from a [substance use disorder] suffer a relapse after being laid off, under more stress or just bored.”



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