Oct. 27, 2022 –  In The Creative High, the evolution of the stories of the nine artists begins with the rawest examples, teetering on the edge of relapse, and ends with the most experienced souls thriving in well-earned bases of creative wholeness. The film, a thought-provoking documentary by director Adriana Marchione, producer Dianne Griffin and editor Kirk Goldberg opens the door to the lives of artists in various stages of recovery.  When asked about the making of the documentary, Marchione revealed her journey: “I learned so much from engaging with the artists and hearing their stories. Their work and their courage in the face of real struggles gave me hope and direct access to the medicine of art. 

The experience reinforced what I have learned in my career as an expressive arts therapist and educator, illuminating the ways that art can be a restorative process for people rising beyond the ashes of their addictions. When we can honestly listen to what is happening within, we find that gateways to the imagination are opened. Being sober allows for a radical vulnerability that leads to creative freedom and authenticity.”Such freedom and authenticity, however, are not easily achieved, given the barriers of trauma and the struggles to find a firm footing in recovery. There is a reason why addiction expert Gabor Maté, MD, describes this message as his mantra: “The question is not why the addiction, but why the pain.”


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