March 25, 2021 – Glass explained she had been addicted to several different drugs for 19 years, including pain killers, heroin, fentanyl, and methamphetamine. She said she has now been sober for 17 months and credits the support she gets through the small groups for keeping her on the right path.

“If somebody like me that was an IV drug addict for a lot of years, that had given up on everything I love and value in my life, came off the bike path, I was unemployed, I was locked up in jail, I was institutionalized, if someone like me can get clean just like the people that came before me and that showed me how to do it here, anybody can do it,” Glass said.

Like Glass, Chris Stoeckle, who is a member of the café, explained the recovery circles have been a lifeline.

“It’s been a foundation of my recovery since the beginning, I’ve done narcotics anonymous (NA) and all that stuff but I always come back to this place, it’s a safe space,” Stoeckle said. “It’s a family of choice.”

Stoeckle said he used to be addicted to methamphetamine for four years, prior to joining the support group. He explained since becoming sober, he has been able to accomplish career goals and has now begun to help others who are struggling with their addiction.



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