Evolving Man PODCAST –

Feb. 21, 2018 – Jordan is a sex and relationship coach who helps his clients zero in on whats holding them back, and at lightning speed. He is a no BS coach who gets straight to the root of an issue without delay. He can do in 1 hour what some therapists take 100 hours to do, which is why he is in such high demand. Check out his coaching page at jordangrayconsulting.com

Jordan is a recovering sex addict, and he is a powerful coach for people looking for support in their recovery. Jordan’s story is a raw and inspiring message of hope for those suffering from addiction.

In this episode we cover:
• What qualifies as an addiction?
• Habit vs Dependency vs Addiction
• Sex addiction and how it compares to drug addictions
• Cannabis/Marijuana addiction
• The 5 elements of holistic addiction recovery
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