July 3, 2022 – “In the eight and a half, nine years that this was going on, not once did anybody ever come and say Randy why are you slurring your words or Randy why are you nodding off in meetings”, recalls the former Bucs Center. 

The last two years of Grimes career, the addiction got so bad, the Bucs center was playing games in complete blackouts.

When his career ended in 1992, his addiction was raging out of control and for the next 17 years he would lose everything.

Randy would lose everything, houses, cars, money, jobs, his life had completely hit rock bottom.

In 2009 Randy would get the help he needed and eventually start his own company called Athletes in Recovery working with NFL players past and present battling addictions and that was just the start.

“I never dreamed it would be so successful, says randy,  that major league baseball got involved and the hockey and the NBA, pretty much any sport you can think of that has an organization that supports their former players”.


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