Stick with theWinners! –

March 8, 2020 – Elizabeth Narayan is an aspiring makeup artist and filmmaker. She freelanced for 4 years in the short film and film industry. After producing her CSUN senior thesis, Courage, the Western neo-noir 15 minute short film was selected to screen at the REEL Recovery Film Festival. Narayan found herself working with the REEL Recovery Film Festival shortly after. Currently, she works for an Emmy nominated show Home and Family on the Universal Studios backlot.  

Q. At which classes or workshops did you learn the most?
A. Working for REEL Recovery Film Festival opened my eyes to a lot of opportunities to attend classes/ workshops.

Q. Do you believe artists are made or born?
A. Artists are always made. 

Q. Which film have you watched the most?
A. Harry Potter (any Disney film actually)

Q. Do prefer to living by the ocean, lake, river, mountaintop, or penthouse?
A. Ocean


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