Oct. 1, 2021 – Working with College of Health Sciences professors Nicole Weiss, Sarah Feldstein-Ewing and Manshu Yang, Goldstein will spend the next two years poring through the data to determine health outcomes for the underserved race and sex populations she is targeting. She ultimately hopes to advise the health community on how to better serve those populations.

“In addition to alcohol-related health disparities, my interests include historical trauma and racial discrimination; also access to resources,” Goldstein said. “We know that people who have more access to resources still drink, but have less harm, so we’re looking at social inequities that may be contributing to more harm when people use alcohol. Is it related to historical trauma? Is it related to racial discrimination? Is it related to social policy? My opinion is it’s probably related to all those things.”

In addition to finding answers to such questions, the Kirchstein award also aims to teach young researchers how to do so. The two-year award is intended to “enable promising predoctoral students with potential to develop into productive, independent research scientists.” Goldstein aims to improve treatment outcomes for her underserved populations, while at the same time gaining experience to propel her career in academic research.


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