What Me Worry? –  

March 12, 2020 – We might not notice it during the first few days, but slowly our sleep patterns change, our eating habits shift, and we start experiencing negative thoughts and cynicism a little more often. Here’s how to hack into keeping a positive state of mind. Boost your dopamine more often. Be extra intentional about breaking your goals into small achievable milestones (especially while you work from home and are in isolation). Then celebrate the goals you’ve achieved every day. Dopamine is associated with our motivation to keep ourselves on track, be proactive, and eliminate self-doubt. Counteract the negative effects of anxiety by being present in the moment, set very small goals, and then make them all happen. Momentum stimulates dopamine creation. Work on increasing your serotonin levels. When serotonin goes lower, symptoms of loneliness and depression start to appear. Staying in isolation can increase these risks, so balance your worries with focusing on positive memories, past victories, and practice gratitude. The brain doesn’t differentiate from what’s imagined versus real, so reliving past positive memories and being thankful can produce significant serotonin levels. Vitamin D is also an important contributor to serotonin, so consider a 15-min walk outside every day.


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