Feb. 24, 2023 – Within hours, Sheriff’s Detective Christian Wrather arrested Sam. “What I was praying to do turned out to be a beautiful dynamic,” Kincaid said. “Christian has been a part of it.”

Sam, now 23, started his road to sobriety the day he was arrested. He was released from jail and started rehabilitation immediately. He’s been sober since then. He credits Wrather for being part of his success. “He saved my life by stopping the destructive task I was on, simply by the arrest,” Sam said. “Judging how this turned out, I think it was divine intervention.” Wrather said Sam was 19 when arrested, younger than most offenders the detective had arrested. “He being so young and going down that dangerous road stuck out to me,” Wrather said.

Sam said he entered Cumberland Heights Still Waters Recovery, a 12-step immersion program he described as boot camp program. “I have a very large place in my heart for Still Waters,” Sam said. “They got me sober.”

He later entered Simply Living where he spent 20 months with 12 other men fighting the disease of alcoholism. He worked on his character defects and improve his life.

Sam and two other men completed the Simply Living program and rented a house together. He’s been working as a union bricklayer for four years. He has a girlfriend, a dog and a home.

When Sam completed rehabilitation, he was committed to making a change in his life. Because of Sam’s rehabilitation and drive to change, he entered a plea, was assessed fines and court costs and placed on probation. He’s paid almost $5,000 in court costs.


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