Use Clean Lenses –

August 25, 2018 – “When you have a child struggling with addiction, it’s a fight to the last breath. But when you come through the other side, it’s a fight to help others,” Ochrym said. “I don’t want any parent going through what my husband and I had to go through, or a family. And I want to give people hope.” It premieres at the Flower City Art Center on Monroe Avenue next month. “What I’m looking for is the how and why people enter recovery, and stay in recovery for the long-term.” Ochrym said. Simone wants the project to not just educate about recovery, but also break the stigma surrounding addiction. “These are very valuable people in our community, and we should embrace them,” Ochrym said. “Even though they’re struggling with addiction, it’s time for us to start rebranding them and saying they have a chronic disease, and bring them into recovery.”

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