Justice in Jersey –

April 13, 2018 – Until he got busted, Michael Ludwikowski was your go-to guy if you had a fudged oxycodone prescription. Customers came to him with prescriptions that were obviously “washed” or “bleached” — meaning the original writing was chemically removed. To do this, the customers would get a prescription for a non-narcotic, then chemically alter the paper to remove the name of the drug and write in oxycodone. Then, they’d take the phony prescription to the Olde Medford Pharmacy or the Medford Family Pharmacy, and get their oxy pills from Ludwikowski, 46, of Medford, or one of his employees, David Goldfield, 60, of Medford Lakes. The two ran a “pill mill” out of the pharmacies between March 2008 and August 2013, federal prosecutors said. (Goldfield has pleaded guilty in the case).

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