RAID: Kills Brain Cells Dead –

Mar 21, 2018    Some say it’s easier to get high than get help. Drug rehab has a new resource in Indiana, but it is not stopping people from finding new and dangerous ways to overdose. Ingredients for the concoction can be found in cabinets at home, bought at the store, or shipped to your door. Bug spray. A man in Indianapolis this week, believed to be high on bug spray, was caught on camera being helped by paramedics. It is called KD on the street, and it’s a new, easy, and cheap way to get a dangerous high. It has doctors and emergency crews scratching their head. “There’s always something new on the horizon,” says Crystal Sisson, Director of the Substance Abuse Council of Vanderburgh County. “Whatever someone can find to get high, they’re going to use that.” Heavy duty spray, like Raid, is being added to tobacco and synthetic marijuana, or K2. First responders say the combination turns someone into a zombie. It can cause vomiting, dizziness, or make someone stop breathing. Sisson says it can put somebody into a coma. Evansville officials believe KD abuse may be happening at home. “It has been rumored that combination has been used,” says Sisson. “The only reason we know that is just from hearsay of the users, if they know what was in it.”

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