Aug. 21, 2023  – much to them [and] the medical schools that meant so much to them,” Berg said. “The name now is becoming synonymous with evil greed, and a bunch of other things, and we wanted to touch upon that in the ending.”

o pretend that opioid addiction ends happily is not very truthful. For anyone that knows, it rarely ends well. It might not end in death, but it generally ends in a lot of pain, and a lot of amends being cast, and a lot of regret. Glen’s fate, I think, is a very honest to the reality of OxyContin addiction.

She’s fundamentally a human being. It seems so extreme, if you really think about your life, how many times you reach a moral crossroads, where you actually have to decide whether you have morality, whether, for whatever reason – how you were raised in relationship with your parents, your siblings, or a teacher, a priest or whatever — when you get pushed right to the edge, do you have the ability to search your soul for from moral guidance, and maybe make the right decision, the moral decision? That’s kind of the journey that Shannon goes on — she is given the opportunity to examine her own morality, and she seems to have one.