Aug. 22, 2023 – That negative publicity stepped up this month with the new, fictionalized Netflix film “Painless,” starring Matthew Broderick as Richard Sackler.

And a blow was dealt by a Supreme Court ruling temporarily blocking Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy deal, which shields Purdue Pharma from future opioid claims. “The court case and Netflix film have brought up negative feelings all over again,” said the attendee. “Being in the news has not been good for them socially.”

That included in South Florida, where Richard Sackler and other family members have retreated. 

In Palm Beach and nearby Boca Raton, where Richard purchased a four-bedroom, seven-bathroom $1.71 million home on a golf course, the Sacklers have made steps to regain their social footing.

Richard Sackler, a 78-year-old divorcee, bought the home earlier this year through an LLC that was not obviously tied to him — but he did not keep himself on the down-low once moving in.

“He wanted to be announced as a new member of the club,” a former resident there told The Post. “He was not, like, ‘Don’t announce me. Keep me private.’ He got introduced at a membership event. 

“He was there with a much younger Asian woman.”

Upon seeing him and recognizing his family name, the former resident said, “I was surprised [that he’d be living at the country club]. I’m from a state where drug use is rampant.”

The reaction to him was divided.