Or Now or Never? –

October 1, 2019 – I began experimenting with opioid painkillers early in high school. I never thought about the long-term impact or consequences it could have later down the road. As addicts, we hardly ever worry about those things. I fed my addiction by swindling my parents into giving me money for one reason or another. My parents were enabling the addict in me without thinking twice about it. I would end up graduating high school with average grades. My addiction really did not take control of me until the stress of navigating life after high school began to bear down on me. 

I started working a part-time job and attending college full-time. I was beginning to feel the pressure of the adult world. I did not know how to cope or manage the stress. I always had a tendency to give up on myself too easily. I had difficulty staying focused and motivated. I did not believe in myself. I felt my mental health deteriorating due to all the expectations placed on me. I quit my job so I could focus solely on school but even that did not work out. All of the above played a part in my addiction. I found myself at the mercy of a drug I swore I would never do- heroin.

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