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JAN 3, 2020 – The lawsuit states Juul failed to inform consumers in many early advertisements that its products contain any nicotine at all, and that the company still fails to disclose that its e-cigarettes contain chemicals which can cause seizures and other injuries.

“JUUL has known since it first put its electronic cigarettes on the market that its electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, that nicotine is an addictive substance, and that nicotine can cause injuries in addition to addiction,” the lawsuit states. “But JUUL, in many of its advertisements, failed to inform consumers that its products contain any nicotine at all, much less inform consumers that its electronic cigarettes have significantly more nicotine than competitors’ electronic cigarettes.”

The lawsuit claims Juul has been negligent in marketing its products to minors and failing to warn consumers of the concentration of nicotine in its e-cigarettes… 



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