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March 05, 2018 – The family of a baby born addicted to opioids filed a class action lawsuit Wednesday against 20 pharmaceutical companies they accused of being negligent and responsible for the mother’s addiction to opioids and heroin. The lawsuit tells the story of a baby, only identified by his initials T.W.B. He was born March 21, 2017, and spent the first days of his life in “excruciating pain” as he was weaned from his opioid addiction, inherited from his mother. “Baby T.W.B. will require years of treatment and counseling to deal with the effects of prenatal exposure,” the lawsuit says. “Baby T.W.B. and his mother are victims of the opioid crisis that has ravaged Illinois, causing immense suffering to those born addicted to opioids and great expense to those forced to deal with the aftermath.”

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