Oct. 2021 – Some people who are struggling with their addiction may be so situated that they cannot get to a meeting, or they may be nervous about making the leap to actually going to a meeting in person. For people of either of these categories there are a number of 12 Step meetings that are offered over the Internet. You can attend these meetings by using Skype and the links below are to the meeting times and login information for both online Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Message Boards have been around since the beginning of the Internet and they are basically a forum in which people can share information, ask questions, and connect. Most message boards give you the ability to stay anonymous, so if you are struggling and want to reach out, some of the recovery message boards are good places to do this. On these sites you will find sympathetic and understanding people who can give you their experience with whatever it is you are dealing with. Some suggestions for recovery message boards are:

There are a number of certified professionals who offer online drug counseling. While it is usually recommended that something like this takes place in person, if you need to help with your addiction and can not get to a therapist or drug treatment center then this is a viable alternative. Doing a quick Google Search can give you a number of different options, but remember to vet whoever you chose and make sure they have the credentials necessary to offer their advertised services.


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