AA Straight Up –

April 22, 2018 – What you learn in AA is most of the reason that you drink is resentment and fear, the two main reasons,” Holt said. “Everyone, people, organisations, life, the world. So you write all of these resentments that you have and you go ‘these guys, it’s all their problem, everyone’s an arsehole apart from me’ … “But then when you work through all this resentment you go ‘there’s a pattern here and it’s me’.” Holt said she realised one of her own deficiencies was a tendency to be easily influenced by others. “Mine was I don’t stick up for myself, or I don’t set my own boundaries, or I’m a yes person and I resent people who say ‘OK I’ll take what you’re giving me’,” she said. “It’s about finding your own power.”

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