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May 15, 2020 – A murder that reverberates through the idyllic vacation spot. James Badge Dale (“Rescue Me”) co-stars as local cop Det. Ray Abruzzo, who has ties to the victim, fentanyl addict Sherryl (Masha King).  “I was attracted to Jackie because of the journey that she takes from being a mess in the beginning and struggling through her recovery, trying to stay sober in the midst of this tornado that she finds herself in,” says Raymund, who’s also appeared in “The Good Wife.”  “She comes across this body on the beach and she just becomes completely determined — almost obsessively so — to solve the crime. I found that very compelling, because this girl … has hit rock bottom, still hasn’t come up for air and is finding self-worth in trying to solve this murder.  “All of us have friends and family who have been involved in this one way or another,” he says. “I don’t think [the issue] gets enough playtime along with drugs and alcohol and all of our mental health issues.



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