Nov. 24, 2022 – While cannabis is usually looked at as a drug that’s meant to chill you out, smoking it regularly can have the opposite effect.

The Professor explained that there is data showing a chronic smoker’s anxiety can increase over time if they continue with their smoking habit.

He said this also applies to cannabis strains that are meant to reduce your anxiety and peaks in anxiety can also happen when you’re not high.

Andrew Huberman then went on to say that the initial anxiety relief that cannabis can bring will become less potent about a year after becoming a chronic smoker.

He explained how that means smokers will have to puff down on more weed to get the same anxiety reducing effect than they previously did when they first started.

Prof Huberman says this is due to the human body’s CB1 receptor, which THC (the active ingredient in weed that makes you ‘high’) binds to when it comes into the body.

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