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August 25, 2018  – “They didn’t want nothing from me but to be better,” said Keegan, who still has his certificate after 47 years of sobriety. The retired tugboat operator was with his family to be a part of ceremonies marking Integrity’s half-century milestone. Long time Integrity supporters were there, too, praising the organization for an improbable journey that started in a brownstone-style home, which is among 14 buildings Integrity operates from in Newark’s Lincoln Park. “Integrity understands the importance of assisting those individuals who desire to put their lives back together, providing the tools of sobriety and professional treatment,’’ said former Gov. Jim McGreevey, who runs the New Jersey Reentry Corporation, a non-profit that helps former prisoners after they have been released from prison. Integrity understood Carla Henry, 54, of Irvington. She had been to 22 detox facilities and none of them worked until she came to Integrity in 2009. She had spent 22 years battling her addiction.

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