WATCH – Exploitation for Fun and Fortune – 

Nov. 22, 2020 – The show is actually a documentary that features people who just can’t stop doing what can be considered extremely unusual things. Their behavior is pretty compulsive, and it ranges from out of the ordinary to downright unheard of. The show premiered on TLC on December 29, 2010, and ran for 6 seasons, drawing in millions of viewers to see what weird behavior was being featured in every new episode. According to IMDb, those featured on My Strange Addiction had habits that were obsessive, and they met with professionals to discuss what was going on. It went beyond featuring people who had quirky obsessions or liked unusual things — some behavior actually bordered on dangerous and at times, life-threatening. Pretty much every fan of the show will talk about episodes that they will never forget, so what were some of the ones that were the most memorable? According to Buzzfeed, there were quite a few. One episode of the show featured a woman whose drink of choice wasn’t something like coffee or soda; instead, she preferred to drink paint because, apparently, it felt like “thick, warm milk” each time she consumed a glass of it. Then there was the episode that introduced viewers to another woman who was addicted to dirty diapers. While this is something that would make most people cringe, this particular woman couldn’t get enough and went so far as to collect the diapers, so she could sniff them several times per day. As outlandish as this seems, there were people with even more jaw-dropping addictions. Fans will surely remember the woman who chowed down on rocks, or the one who was addicted to eating the ashes of her deceased husband.



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