Sept. 19, 2021 – “My mummy and family were taking the kids and I was drinking for days on end. During the week I was fine but then the weekend came. When lockdown hit, my boys went to my family and I was drinking one day on and one day off and to be honest, I would have drank every day if I had the money.

“There were times I’d wake up with bruises over my face because I would have fallen. There was one occasion where I fell down a full flight of stairs. My family were really worried about me because of the extent I was drinking. I would drink red wine out of the bottle.

“I was getting into the pattern where I was hiding the alcohol and going round and getting a half bottle of vodka. An hour later I’d be going round for another.

“Falling down the stairs scared me. I don’t know how I didn’t end up dead. I contacted Paul McCusker and told him I needed help. I called him and said ‘Paul I need help. I have a drinking problem’.

“Paul has done so much for the community and is fantastic at his job. I knew he would have had an alternative and he did.”


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