Oct. 17, 2022 – Today I celebrate 2 years without alcohol… the first time I shared was day 73 and people were like whaaat lol?!!” he wrote. “I’m so grateful and happy, who knew sober birthdays were celebrated in such a major way. Even my kids woke me up with cake.” Reflecting on the journey, Eklund continued, “In the last two years a lot has changed, important stuff and given me the most positive, bright outlook ahead. Fatherhood, work, travel, friends, and being present, it’s all come together. I’m still a work in progress but today feels like anything is possible.

“I also wanted to share I’m about to launch something pretty major in the next week or so, actually kind of related to sobriety,” he added. “More on that later here, I promise it’s going to surprise some of you in a good way. Thanks for all your support as always, love F xx.”

Eklund initially revealed that he was sober via an Instagram post in January 2021, sharing photos of himself with his daughter Milla. The Bravo star said that he was “77 days sober” at the time.


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