Squirrels Gone Wild – 

June 20, 2019 – …when authorities in Limestone County, Ala., accused him of keeping an “attack squirrel” in a cage and feeding it methamphetamine so that it would stay aggressive.  He had never planned on adopting a squirrel in the first place, but about a year ago, while he was working for a company cutting trees, the baby fell off of a branch.  For the next six weeks, he woke up every two hours to feed him formula and make sure that the heating pad was working. Eventually, he trained the junior squirrel to use a litter box, sleep in a hammock, and eat potato chips and caramel M&M’s. When the animal started having seizures, Paulk took him to a veterinarian over the state line in Tennessee, who diagnosed the squirrel with a calcium deficiency and told Paulk to cut back on nuts and seeds, and give the squirrel more squash and avocados.

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