April 30, 2021 – “Every minute that we could be there that quick, we were that close, it was amazing. A saved life got to save a life,” said Theo Shackleford, who also works at ARC.

As Trout left the EMTs to do their job, in recovery himself, he knows just how much those minutes mattered.

“Unfortunately, I’ve been on the receiving end of it, and this time I was just lucky enough to be the one administering the Narcan, then receiving it. I was just glad to be able to give back what someone had done for me,” Trout said.

Shackleford believes the event was all in God’s timing. He hopes the act inspires the public to learn the value Narcan can play in communities. “I would hope they would look into it. Something I’ve come to learn is you never know who the disease affects. But nine times out of ten, you all know someone it does,” Shackleford said. “You never know when you’re going to come upon that moment. It could happen once a week, it could happen once a month, or once in a lifetime, but it’s worth it.”



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