May 1, 2021 – Women of all ages arrive in damaged condition, spirits broken, having lost it all. They have no jobs, no homes, no family support, and no solid reason to believe anything is ever going to change.

Valerie, 39, told me she was molested throughout her childhood by a stepfather, ran away as a teenager and was raped and beaten during years of homelessness.

Jasmin, 27, said she was dominated by a boyfriend who used her as a punching bag, broke her nose and pushed her in front of a moving vehicle. She finally ran for her life one day when the brute was out of the house and begged a stranger to help whisk her to safety. La Donna, 58, said her father whipped her with a belt and battered her mother so severely, he once broke her jaw. As an adult, La Donna ended up with a man who specialized in mental abuse. He mocked her and repeatedly referred to as a dummy. “Oh, I hated that word,” said La Donna.

Valerie, Jasmin and La Donna have different stories but two things in common.