Side Boob Effect –

Oct. 9, 2019 – Murray’s award is the largest to date among more than 13,000 lawsuits against the company — claiming that Risperdal caused a condition called gynecomastia in boys, involving enlargement of breast tissue, MarketWatch reported. The mountain of suits generally allege that the company was aware of that specific risk, but understated it to doctors, according to the report. Back in 2015, Murray won a $680,000 compensatory award over those same claims. A jury had awarded him $1.75 million, which a state appeals court later reduced. “This jury, as have other juries in other litigations, once again imposed punitive damages on a corporation that valued profits over safety and profits over patients,” Murray’s lawyers, Tom Kline and Jason Itkin, said in a joint statement. “Johnson & Johnson and [subsidiary] Janssen chose billions over children.”

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