Paint it Pink –

Sept. 28, 2018 – Brunning was born in Saskatchewan in the early 1980’s and moved to Edmonton to join the skateboard and hip-hop scene. Brunning’s past looked more like the life of a rock star then a struggling artist filling his time with parties, alcohol and drugs. “When I was high, it was insane … I was just different,” recounts Brunning. “It was just nights in here [his art studio], you know. Alcohol and drugs and cigarettes; loud music, four in the morning, seven in the morning, crazy paintings and prepping for shows and doing all sorts of things. You’re just wired.” This lifestyle would later catch up to him and provide Brunning with the life-changing realization that not only saved his career as an artist, but his life. In December of 2010, he woke up and realized partying was one of his main hobbies — one he was very good at. Realizing this could lead him into trouble he decided he needed to get clean, reconnect with himself and began to invest in new hobbies such as his artwork.

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