WATCH – Quitting is for Lovers –

August 19, 2020 – Lisa also spoke about past ‘fake and false’ friends who were around her for the ‘wrong reasons’.

The star added that she used to wake up cringing after not remembering the night and would worry in case she argued with someone.

Lisa penned: ‘CELEBRATION [star emojis] wow FIVE years ago today I drank my last drop of alcohol [pray hands emojis] I wouldn’t change it for ANYTHING. 

‘My life is so much clearer, happier, gained more glow, laugh so much harder, having the life I always dreamt of, no fake friendships, needing that someone who NEVER knows when to go home.

‘Not criging when I open my eyes (have I argued with anyone) not remembering, that’s the WORST, maybe, well not actually maybe, CERTAINLY, if you can’t remember it’s REALLY time to fully STOP!!! 



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