May 17, 2023 – As a star thrust into the spotlight at an early age, Liam Payne turned to drinking to help him cope with the pressures and stressors of fame. “It’s almost like putting the Disney costume on before you step up on stage and underneath the Disney costume I was pissed quite a lot of the time because there was no other way to get your head around what was going on,” he said. “I mean, it was fun. We had an absolute blast, but there were certain parts of it where it just got a little bit toxic.”

After discussing the boxing match, and whether or not it’s something he would participate in (it’s not), Payne told the interviewer he was working on an album. In the past, since departing from One Direction, he’s released a few singles. His last album LP1, released four years ago in 2019. “I’ve been making an album for a change, which is quite fun. It’s been good, so I’m excited to bring it out here and I definitely want to tour this time, which is unusual ’cause I wasn’t sure I was gonna tour for a long time,” he said. “I was kind of over it a little bit. But I’m really excited to get back out on the road and go and see all the fans.”


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