Sept. 29, 2022 – Blythe discussed his battle with alcoholism and how he got sober after a couple of decades of drinking during a book-signing event and question-and-answer session for his memoir, “Dark Days: A Memoir”, in 2015. At the time, he said: “Most people, when they stop … It’s entirely individual … Some people hit bottom because they wake up in jail, because their wife has left them, because they don’t have any money left, because they lost their job, or because they just can’t … they can’t take it anymore.”

He continued: “When I woke up the morning… I wrote about this in my book; I wrote about the last night I drank and the first day of sobriety. I woke up, and I was on tour. I was in Australia. I was opening up for the biggest band in metal, in the world — ever, in the history of metal. I was in a beautiful place. I had money in my bank account. My wife hadn’t left me yet — and she still hasn’t, somehow amazingly. And everything on the outside of my life, to anyone looking at it, beyond the fact that I looked kind of busted, everything would look good. Like, this dude is in this band, he’s on this tour in this beautiful place. It’s Australia, it’s paradise. He’s getting paid … Not millions of dollars; don’t get me wrong. But he’s making money. I woke up one day and I just did not want to do anything.


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