WATCH – Family Values –  

Sep. 22, 2020 – Gaga thanked her mother for her honesty and gave her own advice, noting that not everyone has parents who are receptive to conversations about mental health.

“I think that it’s actually interesting to subvert that question a little bit,” she said, adding that “some people can’t tell their parents.”

“I feel the need to say this, because it’s real, and it’s true, and some people don’t have parents that can hear what you’re saying,” she continued. “They don’t have parents that are willing to listen, and some people don’t have parents at all.”

For those who, for whatever reason, cannot talk to their parents about mental health, Gaga recommends starting a conversation with people in their community.

“I encourage them to celebrate their stories by sharing it with each other and creating a community, creating a culture around you, where you can say, ‘Hey, this is what I’m going through. What have you been through?’” she said. “Role-modeling can actually happen between us. I don’t believe that it’s only our parents that role-model for us. I believe it’s also our friends.”



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