Khloe’s Call – 

AUGUST 25, 2019 – But Khloe was totally okay with it. “It’s his truth, he’s allowed to tell his version. Him and I each played a significant role in each other’s lives so I think it’s natural, like, if I talk about my past, I would hope that my marriage would be a chapter that I would talk about and for him, the same thing,” she told Kim.

In the memoir, Lamar describes how much he cheated on Khloe and his intense level of drug use, which culminated in a 2015 overdose in a Nevada brothel that left him in a coma. “We tell what happens to us and Lamar, if this is his story to tell … a lot of this stuff was never my place to ever talk about, but, it’s definitely his place, it’s happened to him. So if he feels like talking about it and if this is his form of healing or therapy I actually think its courageous to talk about the amount of addiction that he’s had … the depths of it,” Khloe explains. 

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