April 4, 2021 – Kate has written a book called ‘The Accidental Soberista’ which details the unexpected bliss of an alcohol-free life.

Speaking to Alive and Kicking Clare McKenna, she explained that she was a social drinker who, while not having a problem, found alcohol ingrained in her life.

“I was a social drinker, a normal drinker in Irish society, I suppose, I would have had the normal teenage years, drank quite a lot through my 20s, never to a worrying degree, it was always acceptable,” she said.

“Then in my 30s when I had kids it was more wine at home in the evening and then in my 40s I was drinking at the weekends and once during the week, so pretty regular levels I guess.”

Kate’s partner decided to give up alcohol for a month in 2016 so she decided to join him for 30 days.

She said it wasn’t too difficult to abstain and the process was different to dry January which involved the “deprivation of alcohol”, rather than a mindset of “what can we gain” from the month.

“Having said that, the first couple of weekends were difficult and it was boring because you’re so used to going out and using alcohol as your reward,” she explained.

“So to take that away, it took a while to get used to.”

At the end of the month, Kate and her partner released they had enjoyed the benefits of not drinking and decided to do another 30 days to see if they could get to the 90-day mark.



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